Sunday, July 27, 2014

Text markup (XML) parser in GWT?

Please some advice:
In a GWT app I retrieve all CMS texts from XML files. The xml content contains markup that I use to create widgets like anchor widgets. 
Example (create some help popup link and some internal navigation link to the product pagge: 
[hlpLnk key=hlpId]some text and [lnk key=NavPrfS]products[/lnk] and some more text[/hlpLnk]

I want to update (create a more serious) markup parser as the one I build in the past worked well, but was more quick-dirty and not able to handle many detail functionality that is currently required (like the above nesting).

My thoughts till now:
1) Use the GWT xml parser and replace the above tags to valid xml before parsing... Not my favorite option, not general and not so flexible.
2) Create from scratch with code on the net, like an example I found on Java world: LINKE: dirty, but helpful.
3) Create from scratch with code from the Nano xml parser: clear code.

Please advice on creating a Markup parser that works can work in GWT?
- Ed

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