Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Re: How to access “locale” value (of an Internationalization App) in server side in GWT?

Am 29.07.2014 08:07, schrieb Tom:

> However, I have a need to know that my app is German |At Server Side|.
> That means whenever my GWT Gui in German version then my server will
> know that |languageCode=1| if it is in English so server will use the
> default language |languageCode=0|

I solved it by adding the language code to the signature of the
methods of the servlet. The localization-file contains an entry
CURR_LANGUAGE (=de in the german resource, =en in the english one),
so a call on the client-side always look something like this
doSomething(param1, param2, param3, CONSTANTS.CURRLANGUAGE(), new Async...)

> However, it doesn't seem work When I go to orderPage the url will
> be |http://localhost:8888/MyProject.html?gwt.codesvr=!orderPage|
> it not in the form |http://localhost:8888/MyProject.html?gwt.codesvr=!orderPage;locale=ge|
> that is why server couldn't capture the |locale| value.

The Querystring of the URL starts with the gwt.codesvr, so I
assume the #!orderPage is in the wrong place. As well, sepa-
rating query-parameters by ; isn't correct, it must be &. So
the correct url should in my eyes be

BTW. GE is not the correct iso-value for german, it's de. You
should use these rather than inventing your own.

Cheers, Lothar

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