Sunday, July 27, 2014

Re: GWT Developer Plugin no longer works with Chrome on Linux

On Sunday, July 27, 2014 5:22:53 PM UTC+2, Blake McBride wrote:
I spent a little time many months ago trying to get SDM working.  I think I succeeded but was very surprised about the number of steps required.  The thing that surprised me most, however, was discovering that I had to have two servers running (if I am correct) - an app server, and a code server.  All of the docs I've seen provide the steps but never explain at a higher level what is going on (unless you understand far more internal details than many of us).  The biggest difficulty occurs because the instructions were leading me down the path of two servers but I kept fighting it - trying to get one server to perform both functions.  The fight occurred because I didn't understand what was being attempted.  I didn't understand that I needed two servers running.

So, what is needed is a better up-front description of what you end up with (two servers), and a block diagram that depicts the parts and the data flow between them.  Understanding this would make the instruction much more clear.

(Sorry if I am totally wrong and confused.  Quite possible.)
Does that help?

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