Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Re: general question about data handling

Easy one first... GWT emulates LinkedList so I don't understand that point. Anyway, LinkedList vs ArrayList is normally a very unimportant performance issue. IMHO you should code against List<T> generally...

On the architectural side: It is up to you, as developer/architect, to decide how much the client vs server does. I think GWT is very good in leaving this as a decision for you. You can even choose between high quality mechanisms like REST, GWT-RPC and RequestFactory.

In almost all cases I think you should be sending pure "data" to the client (not HTML/Widgets like Wicket or Vaadin do). I think the general security rule is to never trust the client. So when they send a request you much sanitise the data and enforce security rules every time.

I'd imagine the server might just be there to give the client the latest set of questions and then store the answers at the end?

Hope that helps?


On Wednesday, July 23, 2014 3:33:04 AM UTC+1, Gary Berkowitz wrote:
i am new to gwt and a fairly inexperienced developer.  i have written a java project that steps a user through an interview.  the structure is based on a linked list.  each node contains an object that consists of five string fields and one hash table.  the data file is in xml format and i use dom to populate the nodes.  the front end gui presents either a set of check boxes or radio buttons as response choices to a question.  there are four buttons: accept as is and go to the next node, go back, ignore the choices and type freely, and accept the choice but add to it.  nothing fancy but it works.

i am trying to convert the project to a web ap.  the client side gui is no problem.  but i am having difficulty conceptualizing the data exchange.  in my mind, everything should be processed on the server side and then the data object can be passed back to the client where gwt can do its html magic conversion.  but i can't find a lot of info on this type of structure so i am starting to think my concept is wrong.    almost every piece of info i can find including the gwt tutorial sends the data directly to the client.  if that is the case, what is left for the server to do?  and does that create security problems by having everything available on the client side?  also. i just read that gwt doesn't really support linked lists so i am not even sure that i can use that structure on the client side.  

any help would be appreciated.

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