Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Re: Super Dev Mode in 2.6rc4

I got this to work by comparing other systems I knew of that were working vs. mine.  However, I still suspect something may have been broken recently with super dev mode and I'm guessing it was with GWT 2.6.0rc4.

Background:  Historically, I've had my super dev mode debug configuration in Eclipse (Kepler) configured using a bindAddress of (which is the internal network address of my server.)  I'd start the Eclipse debug session (started fine.)  I had previously hit (I've got my super dev mode debug session configured to use port 5006) and made bookmarks for the "DevMode On" and "DevMode Off" buttons.  Once the debug session in Eclipse started, I hit my web app, select my "DevMode On" bookmark and then pressed the "Compile" button.  I'd watch the Eclipse console show the appropriate permutation get compiled and then my browser would refresh.  It was at this point I'd enter Chrome's Developer tools debugger.  Prior to 2.6.0rc4, this worked fine.  With 2.6.0rc4, it quit working in that Chrome did not have my Java source available for debugging.  I tried FF v26.0 with the same results.  That makes me thing this is GWT related and not browser related.

I then compared my system with the other systems that WERE working with 2.6.0rc4 and the only difference was their using localhost (or having no bindAddress) vs. my using my internal IP.  When I switched everything in my debug environment from using my internal IP ( to using localhost, super dev mode works fine.

Question:  Did anything change with the code server in 2.6.0rc4 that may have broken source delivery across other than localhost?

On Tuesday, January 21, 2014 8:33:01 AM UTC-7, MacWiz wrote:
Anybody else having issues with super dev mode with 2.6.0rc4?  Somewhere about the time I moved to rc4, super dev mode quit working for me in that I can't get to the source in either the Chrome (v32.0.1700.77) debugger or Firefox (v26.0) debugger.  Everything appears fine in Eclipse when I start the debug session and when I click the "Compile" button in Chrome.  I just can get to my Java source to debug in the browser's debugger.

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