Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Re: How to adjust a GWT frame height to get no scrollbars (100% of body content)?

.) working_mobile_scroll.html
displays a normal html with an iframe and I am able to scroll everywhere on mobile browser (e.g. on Android Google Chrome)

If that works the way you want it, then its not a GWT Frame issue as the GWT Frame is just a thin wrapper around the <iframe> element. The Frame widget literally has no internal logic.

I think what breaks your experience is the MGWT ScrollPanel. If you remove it temporary from your app then it might work. If that ScrollPanel is your app's main container then an alternative would be to not use a ScrollPanel at all and instead position any header / footer using position:fixed. That way the scrolling is provided by the browser itself instead of the ScrollPanel and you still have a fixed header and footer.

-- J.

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