Thursday, January 30, 2014

Re: GWT dev mode memory leak with simple use case

FireFox plugin currently has a memory leak:!searchin/google-web-toolkit-contributors/firefox/google-web-toolkit-contributors/9YUqQ3vzwV4/3mUd4Y9u8GAJ

But even if you find memory leaks in Java it does not mean that its a JavaScript memory leak. Also you might have a JavaScript leak thats not a Java leak. So at the end you want to compile your app and use chrome dev tools to look for memory leaks. One memory leak that is very easy to spot in chrome dev tools are "detached DOM trees". These are DOM trees that are still referenced by JavaScript code although they are not attached to the document. If you see large numbers of them then it is likely that you clear() some widgets somewhere but JS still has a reference to them.
But be aware that not all detached DOM trees are memory leaks. If you have a widget / DOM element that you only insert into the DOM on certain conditions and otherwise is held in memory then its probably fine (e.g. show either this or that view but both views are already created and held in memory).

-- J.

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