Thursday, January 30, 2014

GWT 2.6.0 now available

Hi GWT community,

We're excited to announce the GWT 2.6.0 release!  Many of you noticed it was uploaded a few days ago, but if you missed it, you can download it here.  This release has also been uploaded to Maven Central with the version string of "2.6.0".

GWT 2.6.0 contains over 100 new bug fixes since GWT 2.5.1, more than 400 changes in total, and greater than 20% of all contributions came from the community.  Thanks so much to everyone who reported issues and/or submitted patches!

For a summary of user-visible changes, please see the GWT release notes.  And as always, please report any issues using the GWT issue tracker.

Happy hacking!

-Matthew, on behalf of the GWT developers

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