Thursday, November 28, 2013

Re: Multipath/Branch Workflow Wizard

I searched for it some time ago and didn't find anything so I started thinking about the basic design of a wizard that supports multiple paths, optional steps and eventually loops (e.g. "Do you want to create another Item?" -> Yes -> Jump back to step x in branch y).

From an API point of view I would like to have something declarative so I can see the wizard structure and all the decisions for each branch at one place and not scattered around in all wizard steps, e.g.

void initFlow() {
     .thenOptional(<predicate>, page3)
         newBranch(<predicate>, page4A, page5A),
         newBranch(<predicate>, page4B, page5B, page6B)

But its not fully thought out yet (some cases only work by duplicating some declarative code but these cases are relatively rare I would guess) and does not contain loops (may be possible by "tagging" a page with an id and then being able to jump to id's based on predicates). The <predicate> stuff will be nice with Java 8 when you can use lambda's which could result in something like:

   .thenOptional(page1::isAskForDetailsSelected, detailsPage);

-- J.

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