Saturday, November 23, 2013

Re: IncompatibleRemoteServiceException after new deployment


first of all, thanks for all the useful information! I now have a user-friendly solution, a nice message box that informs about the outdated app in the browser and a reload link.

However, I still cannot reliably reproduce it! Whatever I do, most of the times after a redeployment the application works without problems. Here is in detail what I did a thousand times:

initial deploy:
- write/change the exception handling code, i. e. the message box with the reload link
- deploy the war file on tomcat
- open the app in a browser and/or reload it, so that the new exception handling code is active

- make a change to class Announcement (implements (Is)Serializable):
  add/change a dummy member variable
- clean the project in eclipse
- run the gwt compiler
- build the war file and deploy it
- go back into the still open browser and do something to reload some Announcement objects
  (verified by Window.alert just before the rpc call)

Most of the times, the exception is not triggered.

Because of Jens' last posting I changed the class Announcement to implement Serializable instead of IsSerializable (which I used to use because of this recommendation) (without defining a serialVersionUID), but this did not change anything.

Maybe the change I did (member variable) was not enough (because the compiler detected that the member variable is not used)?

How can I get a more concrete insight in what is going on? For example, where is the hash code that is checked upon the rpc call? How can I reliably produce the IncompatibleRemoteServiceException?


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