Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Re: JPA for GWT

  • You can only execute very simple queries,
  • You cannot use any joins or nested attribute retrieval,
  • All queries should be parsable at compile time. That means you cannot generate dynamic queries during your application run,
  • Transactions are not possible,
  • You can have only one persistence context,
  • The GROUP BY clause is not supported...
That's why a REAL JPA implementation is missing...

Maybe you should reach out to Errai and check if there were good reasons to have these restrictions. My feeling is that a "real jpa" implementation would result in too much overhead from a code size point of view as well as runtime overhead. If a real JPA implementation will cause the browser to hang every now and then if things get a bit more complicated then no one will use it. A browser that feels sluggish because of a library is a no-go.

-- J.

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