Saturday, November 30, 2013

Re: JsonpRequestBuilder only works across domains?

is here anything written, the callback function name has to start with "__gwt_jsonp__.I0.onSuccess"?!

In facts, the GWT functions "JsonRequestBuilder" and "RequestBuilder" does only work correctly if u'll use callback function names with the GOOGLE names/patterns!

Or in other words, everybody will say this both functions are incredible buggy just google means this is normal and a feature!

This BUG is described on (german), inclusive a gwt jsonp solution for all who dont like to use google function names!

I have read the article (I am german) and what it says it that JsonpRequestBuilder always uses "callback" as the GET parameter name. Yes thats true as it does so by default but you can always change that GET parameter name by calling JsonpRequestBuilder.setCallbackParam() and JsonpRequestBuilder.setFailureCallbackParam(). The value of these GET parameters shouldn't matter at all because as Thomas said the server just takes the value whatever it is and use it to wrap the JSON. So the value of that GET parameter is an implementation detail of GWT and it has chosen the mentioned format because you could have multiple JSONP request going on at the same time.

I think the main point is that you have missed setCallbackParam(). This method exists to consume services which do not expect the callback parameter to be named "callback".

I don't see any bug here.

-- J.

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