Friday, November 22, 2013

One-To-Many and RequestFactory Proxy

I have two entities:

class A {
     @ ManyToOne
     @ Fetch (FetchMode.SELECT)
     @ JoinColumn (name = "b_id")
     B b;

class B {
     @ OneToMany (mappedBy = "b")
     @ Fetch (FetchMode.SELECT)
     List <A> a;

interface AProxy {
     B getB ();
     setB (B b);

interface BProxy {
     List <A> getA ();
     set (List <A> a);

If you do not use OneToMany list, then the ComboBox b in the editor does not work, but if you add a OneToMany to a class B then all is well.

Why is this happening?

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