Thursday, November 28, 2013

Multipath/Branch Workflow Wizard

Does anyone know of any GWT based Wizard project that will allow multiple questions that lead you down different paths in the wizard?

I want to create a sort of tree style wizard, which could be used for a number of things, but in my case to direct a support agent towards a solution for a particular problem. So you would basically be selecting from a list of answers for a question on each page, depending on the answer you selected would determine the next wizard screen to display, hopefully narrowing the problem down further and further until a solution is found.

I have seen a few GWT wizard projects out there, but they all seem to be set on 1 static screen path, and i need branching of the wizard path. If anyone knows of anything like this, or if there is any active GWT Wizard project out there that would be a really good candidate to extend for this functionality, please let me know.

If nothing like this exists, I will go ahead and start a github project for it, let me know if anyone else is interested.

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