Monday, November 25, 2013

How to use interface CssResource in Utility class (GWT/ GWTP)?

I have

public interface MyResource extends ClientBundle{      @NotStrict      @Source("/myResource.css")      MyCssResource css();  }  public interface MyCssResource extends CssResource {        String gridEvenRow();        String gridOddRow();        .... more styling here....  }  


@UiField MyResource res;  @Inject      public TestView(final Binder binder) {          widget = binder.createAndBindUi(this);          res.css().ensureInjected();      }  

In, I can style Grid without any problem.

for (int i = 1; i < myGrid.getRowCount(); i++) {      if((i%2) == 0){            myGrid.getRowFormatter().addStyleName(i, getView().getRes().css().gridEvenRow());      }      else{            myGrid.getRowFormatter().addStyleName(i, getView().getRes().css().gridOddRow());      }  }  

But I don't want to repeat this code every time I initialize a Grid. So I want to put this code into a Utility class so that I can use it by just 1 line of code. Utility.formatGridOddEvenRow(myGrid);

Here is code in Utility

public class Utility {        public static MyResource res;      public Utility(){           res.css().ensureInjected();      }        public static void formatGridOddEvenRow(Grid grid){          for (int i = 1; i < grid.getRowCount(); i++) {              if((i%2) == 0){                  grid.getRowFormatter().addStyleName(i, res.css().gridEvenRow());              }              else{                  grid.getRowFormatter().addStyleName(i, res.css().gridOddRow());              }          }      }  }  

However, it got run-time error [ERROR] - Uncaught exception escaped ? or some kind of error i don't know.

so, How to use interface MyCssResource in Utility class (GWT/ GWTP)?

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