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Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2013 13:13:04 +0000
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Subject: Abridged summary of - 17 Messages in 6 Topics


    confile <> Nov 27 07:02AM -0800  

    want to observe the upload percentage of a file upload from GWT.
    In JavaScript you can use a XMLHttpRequest and add an event listener like
    var oReq = new XMLHttpRequest();

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    Jens <> Nov 27 07:51AM -0800  

    Well if you already know the concept of JSNI then you can use it to add a
    listener to GWT's XMLHttpRequest as its an ordinary JavaScriptObject. You
    either extend it or create a utility method. ...more

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    confile <> Nov 27 09:42AM -0800  

    Hi Jens,
    thanks for your help. I know the concept but did not fully understand you.
    1. What do you mean by: "Don't forget to cleanup the event listener after
    you are done."?

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    confile <> Nov 27 12:11PM -0800  

    I did not seen how to implement the progress listener in this post. Could
    you please post an example?
    Am Mittwoch, 27. November 2013 18:49:42 UTC+1 schrieb Juan Pablo Gardella:

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    Chris Williams <> Nov 27 11:48AM -0800  

    I'm just learning GWT and I've noticed that there's no documentation about
    producing dynamic output. By which I mean the ability to, for example, make
    a call to a database and build that ...more

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    Ltearno <> Nov 27 07:56AM -0800  

    Hi everybody,
    I am planning to implement a fully compliant JPA library for GWT. But
    before i do so, i need to first know whether people would be interested by
    such a project.

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    Subhrajyoti Moitra <> Nov 27 09:55PM +0530  

    try Errai framework.

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    Arnaud TOURNIER <> Nov 27 05:34PM +0100  

    Yes i know ERRAI but :
    - You can only execute very simple queries,
    - You cannot use any joins or nested attribute retrieval,
    - All queries should be parsable at compile time. ...more

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    Alain Ekambi <> Nov 27 05:53PM +0100  

    ERRAI is open source. Why not extend or contribuate to it instead of
    rolling with a yet a new library ?
    Sounds good though :)
    2013/11/27 Arnaud TOURNIER <>

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    Jens <> Nov 27 08:57AM -0800  

    > - You can have only one persistence context,
    > - The GROUP BY clause is not supported...
    > That's why a REAL JPA implementation is missing...
    Maybe you should reach out to Errai and ...more

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    Arnaud TOURNIER <> Nov 27 05:59PM +0100  

    The problem is that Errai is not supported by an underlying powerful SQL
    implementation. That's why they say those features will *never *be
    implemented, because that's not possible with their ...more

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    Arnaud TOURNIER <> Nov 27 06:01PM +0100  

    I completely agree with this point ! It should be fast enough so that
    browser doesn't seem sluggish.
    2013/11/27 Jens <>

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    navels <> Nov 27 08:12AM -0800  

    I see. My thinking was to be able to unblock our team more quickly by
    fixing compatibility issues right away rather than waiting for an official
    update, which can take several days. ...more

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    Joel <> Nov 27 06:47AM -0800  

    I'm having trouble code splitting, and understanding the analysis report.


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