Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Testing GWT + GAE app locally (not DevMode)

`DevMode` works just fine when testing a GWT + GAE application. However the problem arises when we try to deploy our app in GAE cloud, and suddenly we get:

    GWT module 'app' need to be recompiled

After a long update/upload time. The issue now is how can we test locally and be sure at least that we won't suddenly get this error. In a typical GWT (non-GAE) its very easy to do, just deploy it to a local Tomcat of JBoss AS server. 

However we can't do this for a GAE app. So what are the options to achieve this?

 - Where to deploy a GWT+GAE app to be able to see if the GWT needs to be recompiled or what, before we even try to upload it.
 - Or are there any better way? `SuperDevMode` perhaps? 


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