Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Re: GWT Image editing

In an earlier app, I put Image inside an AbsolutePanel then added MouseDownHandler and MouseUpHandler to the image. When I got one and the other at the same point, I drew an icon at that point (actually merging them into one image came later, on the server).

You can also try the Canvas object. That's a neat widget.

On Monday, April 29, 2013 10:57:46 AM UTC-4, Luis Costa wrote:

Hi all,

I'm using GWT 2.5.1, and I'm trying to create a component that allows the application user to edit an image, the workflow is:

1.       User can perform a mouse click on a certain part of the image "A" (that was previously uploaded);

2.       This event will put in the image clicked coordinates (X and Y) another image "B", the final image "C" ("A" + "B") can then be saved.

Can anyone give me some feedback about what will be the best approach to do this?


Many thanks,


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