Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Re: Servlet Response formatting in IE

servlet side:

private String encodeXMLContent(String encodedContent) {
        encodedContent = encodedContent.replace("<", "&lt;");
        encodedContent = encodedContent.replace(">", "&gt;");
        return encodedContent;

On the client side
private String decodeUploadContent(String xml) {
        String result = xml.toLowerCase();
        result = result.replace("&amp;lt;", "<");
        result = result.replace("&amp;gt;", ">");
        result = result.replace("<pre>", "");
        result = result.replace("</pre>", "");
        return result;

суббота, 20 декабря 2008 г., 1:05:42 UTC+3 пользователь D L H написал:

I have a Java servlet that reads an xml-based file and sends the
contents to my gwt application as an HttpServletResponse. I have the
content type set to text/plain in the servlet. On the client side I
use event.getResults() inside the onSubmitComplete method of the form

Everything runs smoothly in Firefox, but when I tested in IE7, it
would not work properly. I used a Label for debugging to see what
exactly the application was reading from the servlet, and in IE i'm
getting a buncha HTML stuff like this:

<DIV class=e><SPAN class=b>&nbsp;</SPAN> <SPAN class=m>&lt;?</
SPAN><SPAN class=pi>xml version="1.0" </SPAN><SPAN class=m>?&gt;</

How do I get IE7 to format my servlet response as plain text instead
of html?

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