Monday, April 29, 2013

Cannot read property "java_lang_Object_typeMarker$" of null

Hey guys!

I hope that you could shed some light on my current issue I'm having. I use GWT 2.5.1 and I've noticed that some of my code works in hosted mode but when I compile it if throws exception in subject:

Cannot read property "java_lang_Object_typeMarker$" of null

The scenario is next:
- Fetch necessary data from database (using OpenJPA hydration)
- Remove proxies from objects (serialize/deserialize)
- Send response back

If I create new objects instead in my server controller (and not fetch them from DB) everything seems to work just fine. But the moment I decide to use DB data it starts to act weird. The really weird part is that is works in hosted mode (as I said above) both ways. Googling for this issue didn't do much good because, as it seems, it's really rare problem and no solution was found.

Hope you could give me some hint about this issue.


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