Saturday, April 27, 2013

Re: Entity not persisted, using JDO,RequestFactory.

On Friday, April 26, 2013 6:05:42 AM UTC+2, Aman Sharma wrote:
I am still not able to persist poll entity using Requestfactory in GWT. Please point out if there's anything wrong with following code.

PollRequest pr = requestFactory.pollRequest();
UserRequest ur = requestFactory.userRequest();
final UserProxy[] oldUser=new UserProxy[1];
ur.findUser(Cookies.getCookie("user")).fire(new Receiver<UserProxy>(){
public void onSuccess(UserProxy user){

UserProxy editUser=ur.edit(oldUser[0]);

At that point, oldUser[0] still is 'null' (hint: requests are asynchronous)
PollProxy createdPoll = ur.create(PollProxy.class);
ur.persist().using(editUser).fire(new Receiver<Void>(){
public void onSuccess(Void arg0){
view.setMsg("POll Created");

'pr' is never used; error in your code above?

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