Friday, April 26, 2013

Re: Theme GWT, how does it works?

If I delete:
  <inherits name=''/>
  <inherits name=''/>

and if I run the project with eclipse, my project just use the CSS. And if I copy the same project on the server, the CSS doesn't do anything.

In fact, if I put the 2 line (for the theme) in the gwt.xml or if I don't do that, and if I delete the CSS on my server, I have the same result. The theme and the CSS don't do anything. Why? 

I just copy my file on the server, and I open the .html in a web browser, I have to do something else to make it works with theme and CSS?

Le jeudi 25 avril 2013 14:49:39 UTC-4, a écrit :

My web application has serveral widgets like datePicker, dynamicDecorator... If I run my project with eclipse, widgets are ok.

I want to build my project on lighthttpd, so I just copy my folder on my server. When I open website with a web broswer, it works but all my widgets have no "style". ( for example, there are only the numbers for the datePicker: no color, no background...). 

I guess that the theme doesn't work without eclipse but in my gwt.xml I have:

  <inherits name=''/>
  <inherits name=''/>

 Do I really need to fill my CSS file to do the same thing with or without eclipse? Can I use the GWT theme without eclipse? I don't really understand the connections between the themes and the CSS..

Thank you in advance!

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