Sunday, April 28, 2013

Re: Found interface, but class was expected

For the record (and those who will come to this thread):
This error occurs when you (try to) hotswap (i.e. change while debugging) code that is using the Element class.
This is a known quirk, probably it's the JVM being not smart enough to handle the hotswap.

On Tuesday, May 25, 2010 1:19:45 PM UTC+2, mmoossen wrote:
Hi Brian!

no, sorry, we do not use any generation, injection or what so ever
tools in our project.
and as said, there is actually no big problem for us, it occurrs from
time to time, so we just refresh and that is...
i hope you can fix your problem. and if so please post about it. i
still would really like to know what the problem might be.


On May 24, 6:48 pm, Brian Reilly <> wrote:
> The causes of our problems are probably different, but I just started
> seeing this when trying to use JRebel on my GWT project. It seems to
> only happen after JRebel has reloaded a class AND I refresh the
> browser. Do you have anything in your environment that gets involved
> in class lifecycles? I haven't solved my problem yet, but maybe we can
> find something in common between our problems.
> -Brian
> On May 19, 5:06 am, mmoossen <> wrote:
> > Dear all!
> > I am getting following error message:
> > "Found interface, but class was
> > expected"
> > when doing something like:
> > myWidget.getElement().getStyle().setOpacity(0);
> > where myWidget has been just attached to the doc a few LoC before.
> > it is not reproducible, it seems that it happens only in DevMode but
> > not even always...
> > what does the error message mean?
> > thanks
> > Michael

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