Saturday, April 27, 2013

Re: GWT 2.5.1 - Incubator Deprecated Classes

By the errors above, I guess you need to move from Paging/ScrollTable to DataGrid (or CellTable). But it is not a matter of changing imports. The APIs are quite different, you need to refactor in order to move to DataGrid. You can start from here (the same applies to DataGrid which is a CellTable with fixed headers/footers). For paging/retrieving data see here (the same applies for all cell widgets). For column sorting and width adjusting see here (the same applies for DataGrid). For custom/multiline header/footer/lines there are unfortunately no official docs, but you can checkout the custom data grid showcase sample. Also do note that the old PagingScrollTable is based on widgets, whereas the new DataGrid is based on cells.

What are the other classes you used but not listed in the incubator's page?

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