Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What is header size attribute in TabLayoutPanel (UiBinder)?

I'm following the UiBinder example for a TabLayoutPanel, and I'm
wondering what a header's size attribute is. From the example in the

<g:TabLayoutPanel barUnit='EM' barHeight='3'>
<g:header size='7'><b>HTML</b> header</g:header>

So what is size, as in <g:header size='7'>? In my own app, I have 3
tabs. Regardless of what I set size to, the headers always appear the
same in IE and Firefox, even when each size is different (say, 0, 7,
and 21).

BTW, as noted in Issue 4694, comments 44 and 45, in IE you **must**
use barUnit='PX', at least if your TabLayoutPanel resides in a
SplitLayoutPanel. If you don't, the tab widget take up the entire
height and the tab bar is not seen.

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