Monday, February 27, 2012

Question about Dynamic Forms in GWT.

Hi All,

I'm new to using GWT (Version 2.4 with Eclipse).

I have a question about dynamic forms.

For a web application I would like to make a dynamic form with two
columns of comboboxes. At the beginning only one combobox (cb1_1) on
the left column exists. As soon as a value has been chosen from this
first combobox, a new combobox will be created in the the right column
(cb1_2). When a value is chosen in that combobox a new line will be
started (again first only the left column combobox, etc). The right
column combobox is always dependant on the chosen value in the right
column combobox.

Following a bad timeline sketch of the two columns:

- = new combobox (no value chosen yet)
O = combobox where user has chosen a value

- row 1

O- row 1

OO row 1
- row 2

OO row 1
O- row 2

OO row 1
OO row 2
- row 3


My questions to you....

- How would you implement this? Would you first define a limit of rows
and prepare the comboboxes in the background, hide them and disable
them until needed or would you create them dynamically?

- How would you create a common handler for either all of the
comboboxes or at least for each column?

Thank you for any help/comments.


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