Monday, February 27, 2012

Re: Accessint GWT's HIstory Stack

I like the idea, but I'm finding that the value change event only fires when prefix portion of the token changes.

Thanks for your reply... By the way, am I right that the value change event only fires this way?

History.addValueChangeHandler() always fires a ValueChangeEvent if the history stack changes. Otherwise it wouldn't be possible to switch between places of the same type but with different internal state (e.g. #DetailsPlace:1 and #DetailsPlace:2).

Honestly I wouldn't skip any history tokens when a user hits the back button. When the user edits 3 documents in a row then he maybe wants to switch between them back and forth for some reason. I found it more natural if I would have to hit 3 times the back button to be back at the INDEX place if I have navigated to three different documents. Thats what you would expect from normal web navigation. 
In addition your app can provide a link like "back to index view" so that the user can directly jump back to the INDEX place if I really wants to.

-- J.

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