Sunday, February 26, 2012

Re: Is there a way to determine if a GWT app is active or inactive?

Try JSNI with this:

On Feb 26, 6:22 pm, m8o <> wrote:
> Is there a way to determine if a GWT app is active thru the Window or
> DOM class -- well, or any other class -- be that a callback / event or
> inspection of a static variable in a built-in object?
> Specifically meaning that the browser window is not minimized, or that
> if open the browser window it is the top/active window, and beyond
> that that the GWT app's tab and not another tab in the browser is the
> active tab?  I imagine it's something right in front of my face, but
> I'm just not seeing it.  (We do use Sencha's GXT v2.x too)
> The reason I ask is our application uses a Timer to update data.  If
> the app is left I want to keep updating its data for 5 minutes, but
> then stop the timers after that.  And of course the compliment; if the
> app is returned-to, to re-initiate the timed data updates.
> Thanx very much,
> -steve

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