Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Selecting list items from history actions using Activities and Places

Hi all -

First off, thanks for all the great info on this board. I've gotten so much out of it. However, I'm having a problem I haven't seen addressed before. Here's my scenario:

1) I have 2 places, 2 separate activity managers/mappers (one for a "menu" display area and one for "content" display area).

2) In the menu area is a basic CellList, with an attached selection handler that fires an event registered on the app's event bus to go to a new place. It also naturally "selects" the item in the menu.

Selection of items/going to new places works naturally when the user is clicking around. 

My problem:

When any history action is involved (via a direct URL or using back/forward in the browser), how to I handle selecting the appropriate item in the menu?

The obvious choice is a place change handler in the menu, which, in turn, uses the menu's selection handler to select the appropriate item. BUT, since the selection handler fires an event to go to a new place upon selection, it introduces circular logic. (onPlaceChange does setSelected, then onSelection fires an event to change places)

It's disconcerting that none of the sample apps (expenses, mobilewebapp) do any kind of item selection when you navigate DIRECTLY to a place via URL, but this seems like a really basic feature of a web application.


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