Monday, February 27, 2012

GWT DataGrid Widget unpredictable row height issue...

Hi all,

I'm loading the new DataGrid Widget with the results of a SQL query.
I have noticed that some rows (just a few) are appearing with a larger
row height than others, on a load of about 1000 rows. I tried setting
each column of the row to a fixed value (not using the results of the
query), to see if maybe some potential overflow of field widths was
occuring, maybe causing a "wrap", which would explain the larger row
height. But, I found this was not the case. And for info purposes, I
am using the default font from the FireFox Browser.

Are there issues with getting a consistent row height out of GWT 2.4/
DataGrid widget? Are there workarounds? I saw some others noting
issues of rowHeight from the CellTable widget. Are there issue's with
this widget? Or would an issue like this have to be originating from
my application?

Appreciate any insight!

Bill M.

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