Monday, February 27, 2012

Re: how to test GWT app through a proxy

Thanks that is interesting. What I know is,
I am writing the "MyDataService" part, and somehow
GWT must be writing the "MyDataService_Proxy" part.

And then there is this one (thankfully) very vocal
user, whose access to the RPC needed by the application
goes through the "MyDataService_Proxy" part,
and it works for him only occasionally.

I would like to be able to test the "MyDataService_Proxy"
part from where I am developing, or at least from
somewhere nearby.

On Feb 26, 7:20 am, Dan <> wrote:
> That error message suggests a different kind of proxy,
> On Feb 25, 8:40 pm, John Malpas <> wrote:
> > I have several GWT (2.4) applications out there.
> > One in a while, a user writes in with a problem,
> > where it is clear the RPC is not working, and it
> > is clear there is some proxy involved in their access
> > to the application.
> > (Most recent: "Unable to initiate the asynchronous service invocation
> > (MyDataService_Proxy.login)")
> > I need to figure out some way to test access to the
> > applications through a proxy, so I can at least see what
> > these users are seeing. The same applications work fine
> > for me on a variety of browsers and computers.
> > (My own computers get to the web through ATT DSL with
> > no proxy involved.)
> > Has anyone else faced this problem (need to test through
> > a proxy)?

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