Monday, February 27, 2012

Accessint GWT's HIstory Stack

Been searching for an answer to the following problem.... I have an application with 2 Places: "Index" and "Edit" each have representative tokens that carry state information.

My desire:
I want for the user to be able to return to the last "Index" state after many possible "Edit" states, so say these tokens are on the history stack:
1. INDEX:--23--pg1
2. INDEX:--23--pg2
(user sees the document they want to edit and thus enter EDIT place)
3. EDIT:--docFOO
(see anther document from a widget in the EDIT place)
4. EDIT:--docBAR
(and another)
5. EDIT:--docBING

Now arrives the problem... I want the user to be able to go back to the last INDEX state. Right now my solution is to carry the token (in this example "INDEX:--23--pg2") around on the query string as part of the EDIT token. What I don't like about this solution is that if the user bookmarks a particular EDIT token the INDEX token that is part of the EDIT token gets bookmarked as well obviously, and i cannot tell whether the user really came from that INDEX state or not.

Preferred solution: Search the History stack for the last INDEX token.

Alternative solution: Use a cookie with a fairly short expiration time to store the last INDEX token.

Thoughts? Is there a way to loop through the History stack to find particular tokens?

Thanks in advance.

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