Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Re: Selecting list items from history actions using Activities and Places

It does, but this is a differrent issue. The selectionmodel needs to be notified of selection somehow if the user isn't selecting with mouse or keyboard. 

My problem is when the user navigates to a state in the app where an item should appear to be selected  - directly via a URL (as supported by activities/places) or using back/forward buttons - rather than by clicking.

For example, I click an Item in the CellList, the onSelection change handler fires an event to go to a new place. The Item appears selected...all is good. However, when the user clicks the back button, for example, I now need to select a DIFFERENT item in that CellList to represent the last place they were on. The history manager fires some placeChangeEvent that I can listen for. So I attach a handler to that PlaceChangeEvent that tells the list to select and item.

The problem is that the selection handler, upon being told to select the item representing where I actually am, will AGAIN fire the event to go to a new place (as it should). Now, I've got a bad loop.

I hope that makes the problem clearer. I can't wrap my head around how to make this work.

- Shaun

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