Friday, December 31, 2010

Real-time app: best approach


I've developed an app using GWT 2.1 and GXT 2.2.1 and having these

1) It is a real-time app (data update 4 times a second!) and I want to
update a grid/table with about 80 lines. The data is not that large,
some doubles and a string.

2) The user should be able to generate a report with a lot of data,
that should be displayed in a pure HTML table (up to 5000 rows). My
solution right now works not bad, but the memory usage is huge (around
400 MB!).

I would like to hear your recommendations on these two requirements.
How would you implement them? The app should be as performant as
possible with using GWT and GXT (if possible). I am deploying it on a
Tomcat 6.

Thank you in advance!


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