Thursday, December 30, 2010

HTML5 - GWT pre-fetching binary files.

I'm working with medical images 500 slices typically 512x512 gray
scale that I would like to pre-fetch and display/manipulate in an
HTML5 canvas element. The files will typically be local, but since
this is GWT it will (as fas a I know) needs to be sent from the

Since I'm using HTML5 this will target Chrome first, but I'd like to
support Safari and Firefox. IE (even version 9) can go take a hike.

I'm looking for opinions here an three questions.

#1) What is the best way to transfer down (pre-fetch 500) binary files
(array of integers). Sending down an text array with int values seems
in efficient. This article about sending the file down encoded in XML
seems the best option I've found, but want to know if others here have
a different opinion.

Transfer binary data in an XML document

#2) The second question is how to store this data on the client side.
It likely will be the HTML5 Web Storage API as implements currently on
Chrome, but I'd like to here others thoughts on this.

#3) Also, I'm going to need to scroll through this images rather
quick, so was was thinking about have a bunch of canvas tags with
images preloaded, but only one visible at a time. An alternative it
have only one canvas take and draw on that anytime someone wants to
scroll though them. Which would be faster?


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