Friday, December 31, 2010

Re: I18N - How to set locale per code?

Presumably you're deploying your app as a .war to a Servlet container
(like Tomcat or Jetty), what you'll want to do is create a .jsp
(instead of a plain static .html file) that dynamically writes out
your host html and have that include the user's locale preference.

If you're not using a java server-side, the concept is still extremely
similar, just substitute php, perl, .net or whatever in place of jsp
to dynamically write your GWT host page.

On Dec 30, 4:22 pm, Magnus <> wrote:
> Hi Jhuford,
> this sounds interesting.
> I have the user's choice in a database. But my host page is always the
> same. I have only one host page, which is nearly empty. Everything
> including the login window is generated by code.
> At the moment, I feel unable to test the method you described. Could
> you please outline the steps that I have to do?
> Below is my code that generates the main gui on top of the empty host
> page.
> Magnus
>  private void initDisplay () // called from within onModuleLoad
>  {
>   DockLayoutPanel display = new DockLayoutPanel (...);
>  ...
>   RootLayoutPanel.get().add(display);
>  }
> ----------
> On Dec 30, 5:41 pm, jhulford <> wrote:
> > You can store off the user's chosen locale into a database of some
> > sort and then when your host page is being written after the user logs
> > in (like w/ jsp or php or something) load the users language
> > preference and set it via the meta tag.
> > The only time you'd need to reload the app then is on that initial
> > time when the user changes their language settings.

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