Thursday, December 30, 2010

Re: Confused about Servlet mapping and Url Pattern, RPC not working when Deployed

No, i gave WORD only as an example, i am not trying to launch WORD. I
am trying to launch J-OPC Bridge
"". In eclipse, when
i run the project- as soon as it hits this code

final OpcServer server = new OpcServer(); J OPCBridge is launched,

but no matter what i do in Apache Tomcat, it is never launching J-OPC
Bridge, if i have this code i don't see anything in net panel of
firebug(RPC is not working), if i remove this code, i see URL's in net
panel(RPC is working)!!

On Dec 30, 12:38 am, Nirmal Patel <> wrote:
> Hi Amarsat,
> Couldn't quite understand what your server is doing? Are you saying your
> server reads a WORD file and returns data from it to be displayed in the GWT
> GUI running inside the client's browser?  If so; what are you using to
> access WORD?? For Java, one could use the Apache POI library.
> Regards,
> Nirmal

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