Friday, December 31, 2010

Re: Question regarding Activites, Places, Dependeny Injection and complex layouts.


Here you will find a simple sample project.
COuld someone please help me/explain to me how you go abaout and
implement this layout in the sample project?
WestNavigationPlace should be at the left always. And based on the
buttons you click there,
the main center region should be populated with either HelloPlace or
GoodbyePlace :)

Thanks in advance,

Frank B

On Dec 30, 9:51 pm, Frank Bølviken <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been looking for examples which show how to build up complex
> GUI's which use West region for navigation for example, and a Main
> region for content.
> I've found some posts about it, but none of which is really good and
> easy to follow. None of them use Guice and Gin as dependency
> injection.
> So i'm curious... is there any good examples out there showing this?
> As i understood it, there is supposed to be a way of doing this, but
> it's not "out of the box" in the current GWT release.
> Right now I'm just using 1 activitymapper which map the places. I've
> understood that I may need two mappers to accomplish this, is this
> right?
> Thanks in advance,
> Frank

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