Thursday, December 30, 2010

Re: GWT force Update on Server during development mode

Yeah, that saves a considerable amount of time. However, when I
refresh my application time and time again, it will eventually get
hung up and will not refresh correctly. I will have to restart my
computer as restarting eclipse or browser will not work.

I will click the refresh button and it will start to go through it's
process (loading spring context, execute database scripts and then
hang) and I click the terminate button I get a "terminate failed"

It happens after around 8+ refreshes. I now just completely restart
the app to avoid having to restart my computer.

It normally hangs when the Spring startup is executing on the in
memory hsql db..

Any ideas??

On Dec 30, 1:13 am, Noor <> wrote:
> Thanks, I never noticed that.

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