Friday, December 31, 2010

Re: Best way to integrate GWT with existing Spring services?

Hi Daniel,

you are right, this question has been asked so many times. We're using
GWT-RPC because when we stared our project then GWT 1.6 was out and
actual. I don't know much about RequestFactory. But I think there is
still one same approach. So there is one big question for you. How
good is your knowledge about servlets and spring. If you don't know
much about these things, try to learn something first. Because my only
advice is: GWT-RPC is just another servlet.

If your application architecture is based on traditional j2e tiers
(presentation, business, integration) then switching between flex and
gwt is about to implement a new gwt tier and you can use still same
business tier.

GWT-RPC is just servlet, which takes input string, parses it, creates
objects based on policy file with respect to servlet and then calls
proper method.

Look at how GWT-Dispatch works: there is only one rpc method -
dispatch; where input is generic Action; return object is generic
Result.So there is one handler method and you are just calling
dispatch method with input as actions[something like a box with
properties]. Based on type of action, proper hadnler will be called.
If you are good with spring, make some automatic handler registrations
based on annotations or interface scanning of classpaths.

Daniel and all of you who are reading this post, please, if your
experiences with gwt, spring are not very good, try to dig into these
frameworks and try to learn how they works first.


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