Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Re: Activity automatically stopping

ActivityManager stops current activity only if a place change event

May be your start() or some other method calls
PlaceController.goTo() ?

On Dec 29, 2:34 pm, karthik reddy <> wrote:
> I am developing a sample application using Activities and Places, based on
> GWT team's basic Hello, goodbye example.
> I have a "first place"(the default place) and a "second place". On user
> click, the place is changed from first place to the second place and the
> activity corresponding to the second place is invoked. The start method of
> this activity is executed and immediately(within a fraction of a second)
>  the onStop  method of this activity is being executed and the application
> is going back to the "first place"  and the activity corresponding to the
> "first place" is being executed.
> Any thoughts on what might be going wrong , would be much appreciated.
> thanks

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