Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Re: Multiple RPC from same page gives Error 500

Hello Viju,

How are you integrating GWT with Spring? I'm asking because Spring does bind controllers (which are not the same as servlets) to http, so there should not be any RemoteServiceServlet involved...

bijuv v wrote:
Hi George, The 500 error is explicitly set from the Google code (for unexepcted failure scenario). The code doesnt pass the RemoteServiceServlet to reach the application code. Before itself, the payload (output of the method readContentasUtf8) is empty. Due to this GWT is throwing the exception.  The point Im trying to find is where the request is getting modified on its way before reaching the RemoteServiceServlet. BTW, there are filters in place, which is the SpringSecurityFilter  Thanks Viju  On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 1:22 PM, George Georgovassilis <> wrote:   
Hello GWTViju,  I'm pretty sure you are running into a race condition. The 500 means that an error ocurred in the server side - there should be somewhere a detailed stacktrace, check your logging settings. Check for member variables in your controllers, servlets and services which could be modified by two parallel requests. A particularily uggly thing I've seen is if your controller references a single database connection which is then used by multiple requests in parallel.  On Sep 28, 10:54 pm, bijuv v <> wrote:     
Able to reproduce the same without proxy setup as well. I directly hit the Websphere server (bypassing the proxy) and still get the same error.  Though I say I can reproduce locally (tomcat ), the steps will vary each time.  I have taken another step now - Im printing the payload in the Filters itself (just to make sure that the filters did not eat up the payload for whatever reason it is! I'm using Spring Security + 2 additional filters)       
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