Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Re: cross-project gwt problems

I would suggest creating some lightweight adapter classes to transport
the data you need to the browser client. Then only those classes need
to be in JavaScript, the complex stuff can remain on the server, where
it belongs.

On Sep 29, 6:36 am, Dan <> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> currently I am working in a Project, which may use GWT to realize a
> GUI. Right now i am evaluating wich advantages and disadvantages GWT
> has in stock for us. Within that research i stumbled across a few
> Problems which i need some opinions on from other people.
> The project itself is split into two Java-projects, one of which
> contains the GWT-GUI, the other one offers the infrastructure behind
> the GUI, which will be shared amongst several other projects too.
> Therefore, modifying the shared project should not be an option.
> Now, I created a Widget for the GWT-GUI, which is able to visualize a
> certain complex datastructure from the shared project. The problem I
> have is the fact that the Widget makes it necessary to have the
> datastructure compiled into JavaScript, since the Widget is part of
> client side code. If i now break my rule of not modifying the shared
> project, i can declare the shared project as a GWT-Module, and have
> the datastructure in question compiled into JavaScript by GWT.
> However, the datastructure has dependencies to most of the shared
> project, so i would have to let GWT compile most of that shared
> project, making the JavaScript file which is handed over to the client
> enormously large. Moreover, the datastructure depends on classes in a
> third-party .jar file, which i can not easily make a GWT-Module.
> My question about these circumstances is: Is there any elegant way to
> make the datastructure compilable to JavaScript, WITHOUT having the
> whole shared project compiled, especially the external jar must not be
> compiled. Or is there any other way to visualize that datastructure
> without exposing it to the client-side of GWT?
> Any suggestions on this topic will be appreciated.

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