Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Re: External JS - steps to make it work

On 28 sep, 19:26, Rodrigo Teixo <horariofa...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Well people,
> Sorry to post something like it again, but the already posted
> questions dont solve mine.
> I have a line in my .html something like <body
> onload="javascript:test();">
> The function test() is in my own file test.js.
> First I put test.js javascript file in the public tab of the module.
> The browser did not found the function. But the file is in the same
> path of the nocache.js
> Second I put a <script src="/public/test.js"> in the gwt.xml. Same
> result.
> What know. Should I put a <script></script> in my html????? if so,
> what is the benefit of using this???

If you do have an onload="test()" (no need for "javascript:", it's not
a URL attribute) in you HTML, I find it odd that you don't load the
script from the HTML too.
I can't tell why your experiments failed (missing some context), but I
wouldn't go that road, so...

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