Thursday, September 30, 2010

Re: Loading GWT module after page is loaded

That is correct, you will end up with a blank page if you try to use
the default iFrame linker and load modules dynamically. This used to
not be the case, but is now. You could probably go back to GWT 1.5 or
1.6 and grab it's iFrame linker and use it.

On Sep 30, 3:28 am, Denis Vilyuzhanin <> wrote:
> I know that GWT has problem with dynamic loading after page already
> loaded. Because default linker uses document.write() expression during
> bootstrap. document.write() method replace all content of page and you
> get empty page.
> if you open you *.nocache.js which was compiled with -style DETAILED
> parameters you will see this in computeScriptBase() function and the
> last line.
> and actually one solution I know is using custom GWT linker.
> On Sep 29, 8:54 am, szebeni <> wrote:
> > Hy peps,
> >  I have a GWT App which is loading perfectly on a host page, but I
> > need to do some interaction before Its loaded, which cause this issue:
> > I get only a loading blank screen if I'm writing the script tag for
> > nocache.js into the document after the page loaded. Do you know why is
> > it and how can I fix it?
> > I checked and the path is fine, just the generated js code behaves
> > differently (like the function from nocache.js is undefined in the
> > browser specific one).

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