Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cannot specify different version of App Engine SDK


It seem like the Google plugin doesn't allow me to select version of App Engine SDK for a Maven project.

to enable Google Plugin for Eclipse to work with an existing Maven project.

Here are the steps I performed:

1. Build the GWT source code:
>cd C:\gwt\trunk

2. Import existing Maven project:
Select File | Import | Maven | Existing Maven Projects and
set the root directory to C:\gwt\trunk\build\out\samples\Expenses

3. Select version of the App Engine SDK:
Open the properties of the expenses project,
        Under Google | App Engine,
        Check 'Use Google App Engine',
Select 'Use default SDK (App Engine 1.3.4 - 1.3.4) instead of 'Use specific SDK (C:\...\.m2\repository\com\google\appengine - unknown version)'.
Click OK.

The problem is when I open the Google App Engine settings again (step 3), the 'Use specific SDK' is still selected!



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