Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Re: 2.1 Documentation

My only question is: when will GWT 2.1 M4 be available? And when will
it be released (the GA)? It seems like the due dates are always being
updated and we all we can do is wait until we get it. I'm about to
start an enterprise project and I chose GWT 2.1 because of the
promises, but apparently it was a poor choice. I knew I'd start it
around October but now until when I'll have to wait to get the final


On Aug 18, 10:08 am, David Chandler <> wrote:
> The design waves Thomas referenced (thank you, Thomas) are shared with
> members of the google-web-toolkit-contributors group, which is the
> best place to participate in ongoing development of the MVP features
> in2.1.
> Expect documentation on2.1MVP to begin appearing with2.1M4and full
> docs to be available with the2.1release.
> /dmc
> David Chandler
> Google Web Toolkit Team
> On Aug 17, 11:40 am, Thomas Broyer <> wrote:
> > On 16 août, 03:58, Bayard Randel <> wrote:
> > > Hi there,
> > > Is there any preliminary documentation around the new features in2.1,
> > > particularly the MVP implementation? I'm going to be starting a large
> > > GWT project shortly, but am somewhat hesitant to get started knowing
> > > that official support for MVP is forthcoming.
> > See
> > There are other waves that could interest you, about Cell widgets,
> > Validation, RequestFactory, etc.
> > See
> > a starting point
> > And the JavaDoc is here:

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