Wednesday, September 29, 2010

getConstructor alternative? or how to pass and use a class in another?

If I want a class to be able to create new objects of another type
parsed to it, how would I do that?
The parsed class's would need to take perimeters.

In the specific case I'm using they would all be different types of
popups, given a string of text to display in different ways.
I could probably find an alternative, but I feel if this is possible
in GWT I should know how to do it.

My last attempt was;

c = customPopUp.getConstructor(new Class[]
Widget PopUp = (Widget)c.newInstance(new Object[]{"text 1", "text

Where "customPopUp" was set just by;

public static void setCustomPopUp(Class newPopUp){
customPopUp = newPopUp;

But this method doesn't seem emulated in Gwt.

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