Thursday, September 30, 2010

Re: 2.1 Documentation

What is the reason for IsWidget only returning the widget and not
having all of the public methods available to widget?

One thing I've done for a new project I'm starting on is writing an
interface that exposes every public method on every class, mirroring
the gwt class hierarchy. That way I could pass an IsButton back to my
presenter and have access to all public methods on button instead of
having to expose HasClickHandlers, HasFocusHandlers, HasText.... as
separate methods or a really ugly generic.

As an added benefit, if I use providers from Gin, I can inject
providers for those widgets and then create them on demand inside my
presenter should I need to.

On Sep 29, 7:05 pm, Thomas Broyer <> wrote:
> On 30 sep, 00:18, Daniel Kurka <> wrote:
> > I just started to take a look on GWT 2.1m3 and MVP and made a small blog
> > post about it.
> > Maybe this will help?
> >
> Could you please switch your blog to english? I was able to figure out
> what "Vorschau" means only because I've recently commented on other
> Blogger blogs.
> Looking forward to read the next blog post!
> (note that your SimpleDisplay won't be needed in 2.1m4 as SimplePanel
> implements AcceptsOneWidget –the new name for Activity.Display–; also,
> views generally will be widgets themselves, rather than contain
> widgets, again this is made a bit easier in 2.1m4 as Widget implements
> IsWidget, returning itself, so you don't have to write the asWidget
> method if your view is a Widget)

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