Thursday, September 30, 2010

Project works in development mode but compiled version fails!!!


I just stumbled upon a very weird problem. My gwt project (GWT
2.1.0.M3/AE 1.3.6) worked flawlessly in development mode. However
after compiling, it failed. I was able to reduce the problem to the
following minimal example:


public class Compiletest implements EntryPoint {

class AcceptorDTO {
public String company;
public String additionalInformation;

public void onModuleLoad() {
AcceptorDTO acceptor = new AcceptorDTO(); = "";
acceptor.additionalInformation = "";

String acceptorString = + "<br>" +
acceptor.additionalInformation + "<br>";

acceptorString = acceptorString.replaceAll("(<br> *){2,}+", "<br>");

In development mode, two popups appear as expected. However the
compiled versions shows only one. This means that the program aborts
during the replaceAll function!
In my opinion, this must not happen. However before I file a bug
report, I would like to know if somebody can confirm or even explain
this behaviour.

Thanks in advance

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